Vader Navi garage for Segway Navimow lawnmower robot

The garage tested with Segway Navimow

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Vader Navi garage for Segway Navimow lawnmower robot

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Our Vader Navi garage has been specifically designed to accommodate Navimow series H robotic lawnmowers, ensuring superior protection from external elements and facilitating maintenance thanks to its innovative design.

Key Features:

  • Cutting-edge Materials: Made of sturdy ABS with UV protection, the Vader Navi garage ensures that your Navimow is shielded from both sun and weather conditions.
  • Flip-Up Design: With a simple gesture, you can access your robot's controls and charging base for unprecedented cleaning and maintenance operations.
  • Secure Installation: Equipped with a mounting system independent of the charging station, the garage ensures that bumps and impacts do not affect the safety or operation of your Navimow.
  • Refined Aesthetics: Available in black-orange and black-anthracite colors, the design of the Vader Navi garage perfectly complements the exterior of your home, adding a touch of elegance.

Why Choose the Vader Navi Garage?

The Vader Navi garage is not just an accessory, but an investment in the longevity and efficiency of your Navimow robotic lawnmower. Precision-designed by Idea Mower, this garage is the result of years of research and development to offer you the best in terms of protection and convenience.

How to Install Your Vader Navi Garage

Follow our step-by-step guide included in the installation kit or visit our website for video tutorials that will guide you through the installation process. Everything you need is included in the package for quick and secure assembly.

Notice: Idea Mower is not affiliated, associated, or in any way officially connected with Segway, or any companies and/or brands mentioned on our website or their subsidiaries or affiliates.

760 x 630 mm, height 480 mm.
Made of ABS, aluminium composite and stainless steel.

Segway Navimow H500E
Segway Navimow H800E
Segway Navimow H1500E
Segway Navimow H3000E

Easy to assemble and install.
Download the instruction manual here.


The first garage batch is currently in production. We are receiving numerous requests for this product on a daily basis, order it now to make sure you receive it among the first!
Most garages on the market, including ours, have a cover made of metal, wood, laminate or other materials that can interfere with the GPS signal or the signal between the robot and the relay station. Vader Navi is made of UV-resistant ABS that is permeable to these signals.
For customers ordering a garage out of the first production batch from our site, shipments will be made from 25 to 30 April with delivery in 2 to 4 days.
Designed for GPS

New robots equipped with an internal GPS and GPS relay station need constant communication with satellites and the station to know their position.

This is why we have developed a new generation of garages with ABS covers, which do not block radio waves and allow a constant connection.


Repairs from sun and rain, does not fear snow and hail.


Enjoy your lawn without the fear of damaging your robot.


Durable over time and extends robot life.


Easy to assemble and install. Download the instruction manual here.