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We are M2 Work Srls, owner of the IDEA MOWER brand, the only manufacturer in Europe projected into the international market with a complete range of garages for lawnmower robots. We specialise in the production of garages and accessories for robot lawnmowers, offering both economic and high-performance solutions.

Idea Mower goes beyond simply supplying robot lawnmowers, offering complete solutions. We create customised garages for each robot, designed specifically for its technical and physical characteristics. These garages offer optimal protection from weather and accidental damage, with ideal dimensions to allow easy access for maintenance and charging.

In addition, we integrate modern RTK data transmission systems to improve the robot's accuracy and navigation. Thanks to this integration, the robot receives real-time information on its position via GPS or GNSS signals, thereby optimising grass cutting efficiency.

Our goal is to create an ideal environment for robot mowers, combining garages tailored to their technical and physical needs and harnessing the potential of advanced RTK data transmission systems to maximise performance."

The story of Idea Mower began ten years ago, when robot lawnmowers were not yet as widespread as they are today and the idea of a garage for robot lawnmowers was little considered. However, recognising the importance of protecting robot lawnmowers from environmental damage, we started to design and produce garages and covers specifically for them.

Our company stands out for its attention to design, engineering and the compatibility of our garages with robot lawnmowers from all manufacturers. We work closely with installers, installer groups, distributors and even manufacturers of robot lawnmowers, listening to their requests and feedback to develop products and accessories that improve the overall robotics experience in the garden.

Our production takes place directly in Italy, in cooperation with companies specialised in metal and plastic processing. We follow artisanal methods typical of Italian design products, guaranteeing high quality standards. Moreover, thanks to our experience and partnerships, we are able to offer a complete range of garages for lawnmower robots that stand out for their design, quality and performance.

We offer solutions for every need, with economical and high-performance garages. From simple and practical solutions such as the Shell garage, to more advanced models such as the Garage Neo, Targa Fastback and Cube with automatic opening and closing systems, suitable for professional robot mowers such as the Ceora, Ambrogio Robot L400, and the BigMow. Our garages are designed to ensure the protection, efficiency and durability of robot lawnmowers, regardless of brand.

We are proud to be the only manufacturer in Europe with a complete range of garages for robot lawnmowers. Our presence in the international market allows us to offer innovative, high-quality solutions that meet our customers' needs.

So many garages sold on the European market today are designed built in our own production facilities and marketed under our customers' brands

By choosing products from Idea Mower, you can count on reliable, designer products that improve the efficiency and durability of your robot lawn mowers.

Thank you for choosing Idea Mower!

Made in Italy

All our products are designed and manufactured entirely in Italy. M2 Work creates only unique products, manufactured with the latest technologies and finished with the utmost craftsmanship that characterises our country's production.

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From the experience of M2 Works comes Box Air Klima, our brand dedicated to design covers for outdoor air conditioning units and heat pumps.

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