Sustainable Future: Our Goal

Our ecological commitment is not only a matter of materials or production processes, but it is a value that we deeply care about. We want to make a difference, not only in the garage industry, but also in our way of producing and doing business. For this reason, we have chosen to rely on local artisans to reduce the environmental impact due to transportation and support the economy of our community. We are proud to do our part in promoting sustainable and responsible production that respects the environment and contributes to the development of our community.

But our commitment does not stop here. We use recyclable materials to create our garages, and for our packaging we prefer recycled paper and cardboard, avoiding as much as possible the use of plastics and elements subject to mechanical processing or treated with adhesives that increase the environmental impact. This choice allows us to reduce waste and energy consumption.

Our packaging is handmade by our collaborators in a simple and safe way to reduce waste and ensure maximum attention to environmental respect.

We want to involve you in our journey towards a sustainable future. We ask you to throw away the packaging in the appropriate paper or cardboard collections in your municipality, and to remove and dispose of in the appropriate differentiated containers for plastic collection the plastic film sometimes present on the aluminum panels of our garages.

And when one day you no longer need your garage, please dispose of it correctly and do not abandon it in the environment. Only through our joint commitment can we contribute to preserving our planet for future generations.

Thank you for choosing Idea Mower and for joining us in our commitment to a sustainable future. We are happy to have you by our side in this important mission.