Cyber Vision lawnmower garage for Worx Landroid Vision

The best protection for your Landroid Vision

Abri  pour tondeuse robot  Cyber idea mower   pour Worx  Landroid vision tondeuse robot  (16152455)
Futuristischer Schutz: &
Futuristischer maehroboter garage: &
Futuristischer Schutz: &
Futuristic Protection: &
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Cyber Garage mäheroboter, das perfekte Garagen für Worx Landroid Vision mäheroboter . (16152461)

Cyber Vision lawnmower garage for Worx Landroid Vision

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The Cyber Vision robot lawnmower garage is the ideal choice for anyone wishing to protect their Landroid Vision effectively and elegantly.

Thanks to its futuristic design and the use of high-quality materials, this garage is the perfect solution for those looking for a functional and aesthetically pleasing product.

Made entirely of aluminium composite, the Cyber Vision is a durable and robust garage that protects your robot from the elements, rain and hail, UV rays, excessive heat and other external factors.

At the top of the Vision garage is a transparent polycarbonate surface that allows you to observe the Worx Vision robot keyboard from the outside.

The origami technique used in its manufacture gives the product greater stability and strength, guaranteeing a long service life.

The supply kit includes stainless steel elements and pegs for fixing the Vision garage to the ground.

Buy it now and protect your Landroid Vision with style and elegance.

740 x 580 mm, height 380 mm.
Made of aluminium composite and transparent plexiglass.
Stainless steel hardware.
Delivered assembled and ready to use.

Worx Landroid Vision M600 - WR206E
Worx Landroid Vision M800 - WR208E
Worx Landroid Vision L1300 - WR213E
Worx Landroid Vision L1600 - WR216E

Easy to assemble and install.
Download the instruction manual here.


If the base has been installed according to the instructions in the Landroid Vision manual, no problems should occur. We recommend testing the return to the robot base before fixing the base and garage to the ground. We will provide a guide to correct installation shortly.

Please note: the Landroid Vision robot is subject to constant software updates to improve its performance, so the robot return-to-base process may change in the future.

The garage dimensions make it perfect for Husquarna Automower 305/310/315/315x/405x/415x robots
For customers who order a garage from the first production batch from our site, shipments will be made from 2-7 May with delivery in 2/4 days.

Following the upgrades received by the Worx Landroid Vision robot, and thanks to the close collaboration between Idea Mower and our customers, we have modified the Cyber Vision garage by significantly increasing its width.

Now the garage works even better together with the robot and installation is easier!

Perfect pair

Specially designed for Landroid Vision


Repairs from sun and rain, does not fear snow and hail.


Enjoy your lawn without the fear of damaging your robot.


Durable over time and extends robot life.


Easy to assemble and install. Download the instruction manual here.

Composite aluminium

Light and strong

Two sturdy painted aluminium layers enclose a synthetic core that insulates and absorbs shocks