"Mobius": The Garage for Luba Mammotion Lawn Mower Robots

Garage 'Mobius' per Luba Mammotion robot tagliaerba

"Mobius": The Garage for Luba Mammotion Lawn Mower Robots
Luba Mammotion, der intelligente Gartenhelfer, navigiert mühelos durch Ihren Rasen
Advanced Luba Mammotion lawn mower robot making lawn care effortless
Abri Mobius  pour  tondeuse robot Luba Mammotion

"Mobius": The Garage for Luba Mammotion Lawn Mower Robots

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"Mobius": The  Garage for LUBA 1  LUBA 2 Mammotion Lawn Mower Robots 

Unveil the "Mobius", Idea Mower's innovative solution providing top-notch protection for your Luba Mammotion lawn mower robot. Tailored for the 2024 models LUBA 2 AWD 5000, LUBA 2 AWD 3000, and LUBA 2 AWD 1000, the "Mobius" garage offers not just shelter, but an advanced design to complement your lawn mower robot.

Signature Features of the "Mobius" Garage 

Unmatched Protection and Functional Design 

The "Mobius" garage is renowned for its standalone structure, delivering maximum protection without interfering with the charging station or the robot. The base is crafted from corrosion-resistant stainless steel, and the body is made from painted composite aluminum, showcasing a modern and harmonious design suitable for any architectural setting and garden.

Easy Access and Maintenance 

Removable panels and a smart design allow for effortless maintenance access, ensuring that all operations can be performed without the need to open up the garage.

Why is "Mobius" Your Best Choice? 

Compatibility and Security 

Designed around the Luba Mammotion lawn mower robot's needs, "Mobius" ensures not just extreme weather and dust protection but also outstanding durability and universal compatibility with all lawn mower robot models.

Visibility Designed for Aesthetics 

The transparent UV-protected polycarbonate roof of "Mobius" accentuates the Luba Mammotion robot's design, making it a visual asset for any garden.

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Dimensions: 80cm x 68cm x 40cm
Roof made of polycarbonate with UV protection
Walls constructed from composite aluminum
Ground anchoring system in stainless steel

Luba 2 AWD 1000
Luba 2 AWD 3000
Luba 2 AWD 5000
Luba 2 AWD 10000

Easy to assemble and install.
Download the instruction manual here.


Our garages are designed not to interfere with re-entry operations and tested for normal operative conditions. In the rare event that problems occur, please contact us.

Shipping times vary depending on the time of year and demand. Garages are generally dispatched within a few days, in rare cases up to 2 weeks. Transport by express courier takes 2-4 days depending on the shipping location.


Repairs from sun and rain, does not fear snow and hail.


Enjoy your lawn without the fear of damaging your robot.


Durable over time and extends robot life.


Easy to assemble and install. Download the instruction manual here.

Composite aluminium

Strong and light

a polymeric core enclosed between two aluminium sheets insulate the garage and protect it from shocks.