Celebrating 10 years of innovation and success

Celebrando 10 anni di innovazione e successo

Hello to all our gardening enthusiasts and loyal customers!

Today, we are excitedly celebrating our tenth anniversary. It has been an incredible ten years since Idea Mower entered the world of robot lawnmower garages, and we are delighted to share a bit of our extraordinary story with you.

From the very beginning, our goal has been to provide innovative and high-quality solutions to simplify garden management. Over these ten years, we have developed a wide range of products that meet the diverse needs of our customers.

One of our most distinctive products is the Vader Navi garage, specifically designed for the Segway Navimow. It is the only garage on the market created for this robot lawnmower, made with UV-treated ABS to ensure durability and longevity. The Vader Navi garage has been carefully designed to not interfere with the robot's positioning and navigation systems, offering reliable protection without compromising its performance.

We also have the Cyber Vision garage, a true design masterpiece. Created specifically for the Worx Landroid Vision, this garage seamlessly blends with the robot thanks to its futuristic and captivating design. Not only does it provide secure protection for your Landroid Vision, but it also adds a touch of elegance to your garden, creating a unique atmosphere.

For the large Ambrogio and Tech Line robots, we have developed the One 3.1 garage, a product that combines functionality and style. With its sleek and elegant design, this garage is completely tiltable for easy access to the robot and charging base. We have thought of every detail to provide you with a practical and high-quality solution.

Additionally, we cannot forget about our Power Box and Plattaform. The Power Box is an intelligent container that helps you organize the accessories of your robot lawnmower, while the Plattaform is a base designed to keep the charging area clean. Both products offer convenience, orderliness, and make managing your garden even more enjoyable and efficient.

These ten years have been an exciting journey, made possible by the support and trust you, our customers, have shown us. We are grateful for the support you have given us over the years, and we are thrilled to continue providing you with high-quality products that simplify your garden management.

As we celebrate this significant milestone, we want to thank you for being part of our incredible story. We will continue to innovate and offer cutting-edge solutions to meet your needs in the next decade and beyond.

Thank you for being part of our extraordinary journey.

The Idea Mower Team.