Vader Navi

The only garage tested with Segway Navimow

Vader Navi
Vader Navi
Vader Navi
Vader Navi
Vader Navi
Vader Navi
Vader Navi
Vader Navi

Vader Navi

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Spedizione a partire dal 25 Aprile.

Vader Navi is the variant of the popular Vader lawnmower robot garage designed and manufactured specifically for the Segway NaviMow.

The roof is made of robust ABS which, unlike metal materials, does not interfere with the robot's sophisticated positioning and communication system. The entire garage can be tilted for convenient access to the robot's controls and charging base for cleaning and maintenance.

The ground fixing is independent of the charging station, so any impacts received from the garage cannot damage the robot or its base.

760 x 630 mm, height 480 mm.
Made of ABS, aluminium composite and stainless steel.

Segway NaviMow


The first garage batch is currently in production. We are receiving numerous requests for this product on a daily basis, order it now to make sure you receive it among the first!
Most garages on the market, including ours, have a cover made of metal, wood, laminate or other materials that can interfere with the GPS signal or the signal between the robot and the relay station. Vader Navi is made of UV-resistant ABS that is permeable to these signals.
For customers ordering a garage out of the first production batch from our site, shipments will be made from 25 to 30 April with delivery in 2 to 4 days.
There is currently only planned one production batch, we cannot predict how long there will be pieces available and when the next batch will be produced.
Designed for GPS

New robots equipped with an internal GPS and GPS relay station need constant communication with satellites and the station to know their position.

This is why we have developed a new generation of garages with ABS covers, which do not block radio waves and allow a constant connection.


Ripara dal sole e dalla pioggia, non teme neve e grandine.


Goditi il tuo prato senza la paura di danneggiare il tuo robot.


Dura nel tempo e allunga la vita del robot.


Semplice da assemblare e installare. Scarica qui il manuale di istruzioni.

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