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Finally a place for the robot power supply

Power Box
Power Box
Power Box
Power Box
Power Box
Power Box
Power Box

Power Box

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Introducing the 'Power Box', an opening container specially designed to solve the problem of where to place the power supply of your robot mower, as well as offering enough space to store other essential accessories. With the Power Box, you finally have a practical and functional solution for handling your robot and all related tools.

The main function of the Power Box is its ability to solve the problem of where to place the robot's power supply. Placing it underground is certainly not the ideal option, and many manufacturers advise against it. With the Power Box, you can place the power supply in a safe, accessible and protected location, ensuring the proper functioning of your robot mower.

Cable management becomes easier thanks to the Power Box, which offers a special space under the storage basket to organise cables neatly. You no longer have to worry about tangled cables or the mess caused by the presence of the power box. You will have everything under control and ready for use when you need it.

The Power Box also offers the flexibility of choice for installation. It can be wall-mounted or mounted on its own dedicated pole, offering a customised solution to suit your needs. The Power Box's wall bracket and support pole are made of stainless steel, ensuring strength and durability. The stainless steel prevents corrosion and maintains the stability of the Power Box, ensuring that it can withstand outdoor weather conditions.

The Power Box is made of aluminium composite, a lightweight, durable and corrosion-resistant material. This material offers numerous advantages, including durability and protection from the elements. In addition, it gives the Power Box a modern, elegant look that blends in perfectly with your garden environment.

Simplify the management of your robot mower and keep everything you need in one convenient place with the Power Box. Buy it today and see how this smart box, made of aluminium composite with a wall bracket and stainless steel support post, can make your garden care experience even more efficient and organised.

Made of aluminium composite and stainless steel.
Powerbox 29 x 17 x 41 cm (Excluding stand)
Pole height 45-90 cm



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