One 3.1

Designed for the best robots from Ambrogio, Wiper and Tech Line

One 3.1
One 3.1
One 3.1
One 3.1
One 3.1

One 3.1

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We proudly introduce our new product, the One 3.1, a garage for robot lawnmowers designed specifically for the most powerful and advanced models manufactured by Ambrogio, Wiper and Tech Line. With the One 3.1, we offer a high-quality option to protect and keep your robot mower safe.

The garage is made of aluminium composite, which guarantees lightness, durability and weather resistance. The hardware and ground brackets are made of stainless steel, providing stability and solidity to the garage.

One of the distinctive features of our garages is the ground fixing independent of the robot charging station. This means that any knocks or impacts do not risk damaging either the robot or its charging base. You can rest easy knowing that your precious gardening ally is safely protected inside the garage.

The design of the One 3.1 garage is sleek and streamlined, featuring an arched shape that perfectly matches the modern look of the robot mower. Its light and neat appearance blends harmoniously into your garden, adding a touch of style.

An important aspect of the One 3.1 is its complete folding: thanks to this innovative design, you will have easy access to the robot's controls and can effortlessly clean and maintain it in top condition. The garage has been designed to simplify your experience of using and maintaining the robot mower.

The One 3.1 joins the ONE garage family, one of our most successful products. We are pleased to offer this new high-quality solution that fits the most powerful and advanced robot mowers on the market.

Notice: Idea Mower is not affiliated, associated, or in any way officially connected with Ambrogio, Tech line, Wiper, or any companies and/or brands mentioned on our website or their subsidiaries or affiliates.

1030 x 780 mm, height 495 mm.
Made of aluminium composite and stainless steel.
To be assembled by the customer.

Ambrogio Robot 4.0 Basic
Ambrogio Robot 4.0 Basic 4WD
Ambrogio Robot 4.0 Elite
Ambrogio Robot 4.0 Elite 4WD
Ambrogio Robot 4.0 Elite RTK
Ambrogio Robot 4.0 Elite RTK 4WD
Ambrogio Robot Cube Elite 4WD
Ambrogio Robot L32
Ambrogio Robot L35
Ambrogio Robot L60
Ambrogio Robot L250
Ambrogio Robot L250i
Ambrogio Robot L350
Ambrogio Robot 4.36 Elite
Ambrogio Robot 4.36 Elite 4WD
Ambrogio Robot 4.36 Elite RTK

Tech Line BX4
Tech Line BX4 4WD
Tech Line LX4
Tech Line LX4 4WD
Tech Line Q BX4 4WD
Tech Line L25 i
Tech Line S25 i
Tech Line L6
Tech Line S6
Tech Line DZ2

Tech Line LX6
Tech Line LX6 4WD
Tech Line LX6 RTK Wiper K Light
Wiper K Medium
Wiper K Premium
Wiper K S Medium
Wiper K S Premium
Wiper K AWD Medium
Wiper K S AWD Medium
Wiper K S AWD Premium
Wiper K S Extra Premium
Wiper Q350 SR 
Wiper F 28 
Wiper F 35 S
iper F 50 S
Wiper KXL S Ultra Premium

Easy to assemble and install.
Download the instruction manual here.


Our garages are designed not to interfere with re-entry operations and tested for normal operative conditions. In the rare event that problems occur, please contact us.

Shipping times vary depending on the time of year and demand. Garages are generally dispatched within a few days, in rare cases up to 2 weeks. Transport by express courier takes 2-4 days depending on the shipping location.


Repairs from sun and rain, does not fear snow and hail.


Enjoy your lawn without the fear of damaging your robot.


Durable over time and extends robot life.


Easy to assemble and install. Download the instruction manual here.

Composite aluminium

Strong and light

a polymeric core enclosed between two aluminium sheets insulate the garage and protect it from shocks.

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