The Revolution of Lawn Mowers: Wireless and Boundless

L'Innovazione nei Robot Tagliaerba: Senza Fili, Senza Limiti

Dear gardening enthusiasts and tech lovers,

Today, we want to talk to you about a revolution in the world of robotic lawn mowers: the advent of models without perimeter wires. If you're used to the traditional system based on the perimeter wire, get ready to discover the latest technologies that are changing the way we approach lawn care.

The Traditional System with Perimeter Wire

To fully understand the innovation, let's start with an overview of the traditional system based on the perimeter wire. Most robotic lawn mowers follow a predefined route delimited by a thin wire positioned along the edge of the lawn. This wire emits a signal that the robot recognizes and uses as a guide to maintain a precise path.

The GPS Era: Husqvarna Automower EPOS

The pioneers of this revolution were the Husqvarna Automower series EPOS. These innovative robots are equipped with GPS with Real-Time Kinematic (RTK) technology. In simple terms, RTK uses satellites and ground stations to provide extremely accurate localization, allowing the robot to navigate without the need for wires.

The Spread of RTK Models: Segway Navimow, Mammotion Luba, and Others

Since then, robots based on RTK technology have spread rapidly. Models like the Segway Navimow and Mammotion Luba use the same technology to offer precise navigation without the use of wires. Renowned brands like Ambrogio, Gardena, Kress, Ecovacs, Ecoflow, and many others are following this trend, introducing or planning similar models.

The Vision of the Future: Robots with Computer Vision

In addition to GPS-RTK technology, another significant innovation is computer vision, first used by the Worx Landroid Vision. These robots are equipped with cameras that can see and recognize the edge of the lawn and obstacles. In practice, the robot uses the captured images to navigate in the garden.

Garages for Every Need: Neo Targa, Vader Navi, and Moebius

For robots based on computer vision and some GPS-RTK models that use a short section of guide wire, our classic composite aluminum garages are ideal. For those that need to receive the GPS and/or WiFi signal while parked on the charging station, a garage permeable to these signals is necessary.

We already have the Vader Navi garage, designed for the Segway Navimow but suitable for other models, which has already been a great success. Soon, the new Moebius garage will be available, characterized by a light and elegant structure and a UV-resistant transparent polycarbonate roof.

Garage per GPS RTK

In conclusion, the era of robotic lawn mowers without perimeter wires has arrived. These new technologies make lawn care even more accessible and convenient. If you're thinking of upgrading your robot or buying a new one, consider the options without perimeter wires for complete freedom in caring for your garden.

For more details on these models and garages, feel free to contact us. We're here to help you make the right choice for your gardening needs.

Your Idea Mower Team.