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Blade is not just a robot, it is innovation in the world of lawnmowers. It offers customisable cutting, virtual boundaries via an app, avoids obstacles thanks to X-Vision technology and navigates difficult terrain thanks to its omni-directional wheels. But every advanced robot needs a home: enter the Cyber Garage from Idea Mower. Designed specifically for Blade, this garage not only protects but also amplifies the robot's futuristic aesthetics. A combination of functionality and aesthetics, Blade and its Cyber Garage represent the future of robot gardening. If you have a Blade, the Cyber Garage is the perfect addition.
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Preservare i Ricci e la Fauna Selvatica del Giardino
Dear gardening enthusiasts and wildlife lovers, Today, we want to address an important issue concerning our adorable hedgehog friends and the small wildlife that inhabits our gardens. With the increasing use of lawn mowers, it is crucial to understand the...
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Celebrando 10 anni di innovazione e successo
Hello to all our gardening enthusiasts and loyal customers! Today, we are excitedly celebrating our tenth anniversary. It has been an incredible ten years since Idea Mower entered the world of robot lawnmower garages, and we are delighted to share...
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