Idea Mower Garages and Accessories for LawnMower Robots with RTK Technology.

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Introduction to the New Era of RTK LawnMower Robots

Welcome to the future of lawn care! At Idea Mower, we are always one step ahead. The revolution of RTK lawn mower robots, which began in 2023, continues in 2024 with innovations that redefine the concept of automated gardening.

Vader Navi: A Pioneering Success

In 2023, Idea Mower introduced Vader Navi, a revolutionary garage for Segway Navimow robots. This product stood out for its ability not to interfere with radio signals, thanks to its robust construction in ABS, composite aluminum, and stainless steel. Its popularity has demonstrated the market's enthusiasm for innovative solutions in the field of lawn mower robots.

Mobius 1 and Mobius 2: Breaking the Mold

In 2024, Idea Mower is proud to present Mobius 1 and Mobius 2, two new garages that mark a turning point in design and functionality. These products were created with the next generation of RTK lawn mower robots in mind, offering a solution that combines aesthetics and practicality.

Innovative and Functional Design

The Mobius lawn mower robot garage stands out for its modern and captivating design. Made of robust and slightly colored polycarbonate, it allows visibility of the robot underneath. This not only adds an aesthetic touch to the garden but also allows easy monitoring of the robot's keypad and its charging station, accessible from the back of the garage as well.

Versatility for Every Need

Designed with different types of users in mind, Mobius 1 and Mobius 2 are available in two versions to fit small, medium, and large lawn mower robots. This flexibility ensures that every gardener can find the perfect garage for their needs.

Conclusion: An Innovative Future for Gardening

At Idea Mower, we commit to staying at the forefront of the accessories industry for lawn mower robots. With products like Vader Navi, Mobius 1, and Mobius 2, and with our products and accessories, we aim to offer valid support to the world of garden robotics, taking it to a new level of excellence. For more information about our products, do not hesitate to contact us.