Preserving Hedgehogs and Wildlife in Our Gardens

Preservare i Ricci e la Fauna Selvatica del Giardino

Dear gardening enthusiasts and wildlife lovers,

Today, we want to address an important issue concerning our adorable hedgehog friends and the small wildlife that inhabits our gardens. With the increasing use of lawn mowers, it is crucial to understand the potential hazards these devices pose to animals and how we can protect them.

We have consulted various independent studies that have shown how the Sileno robots produced by Gardena are among the least harmful to our friendly hedgehogs. However, it's important to note that these findings mostly pertain to older robot models, and we must be aware that manufacturers have made significant progress in making newer models less hazardous to wildlife by implementing artificial vision systems.

The use of artificial vision technology enables the robots to detect obstacles, animals, and small objects during lawn mowing, significantly reducing the risk of accidents. The newer models have been designed with a special focus on animal safety and are equipped with advanced features to protect wildlife.

To ensure the utmost safety for hedgehogs and other wildlife, it is advisable to avoid operating the lawn mower at night when these animals are active and more vulnerable to accidental encounters. Programming the lawn mower during daylight hours will help ensure that animals have enough space to move safely.

Preserving our precious wildlife is a responsibility we all share as gardeners and nature lovers. We are called to coexist in harmony with the animals that share our green spaces. With our attention and commitment, we can ensure that our gardens are a safe and welcoming place for all living beings.

Let us continue to nurture the beauty of nature and preserve the invaluable wildlife that makes our green havens so special.

The Idea Mower Team.