Idea Mower's Power Box: also for the swimming pool [video]

Power Box di Idea Mower: anche per la piscina [video]

Dear gardening and pool enthusiasts,

We are delighted to present you with another amazing example of how our Power Box can be the perfect ally for your pool! Besides providing power to your robot lawn mower, the Power Box offers a practical and versatile solution for your pool area.

One of the key features of the Power Box is its ability to accommodate a power socket inside. This makes it incredibly easy to connect your pool's pump, ensuring efficient and safe operation. With this solution, you'll have a clean and organized management of your pool's power supply, without bothersome cables scattered across your outdoor space.

But the surprises don't end there! The Power Box is designed with ample internal space, perfect for organizing small pool essentials such as water testing kits, earplugs, swim goggles, and other accessories. This way, everything you need to fully enjoy your pool will always be within reach.

With Idea Mower's Power Box, your pool area transforms into a functional and tidy space, ideal for relaxation and fun with friends and family.

Discover how the Power Box can enhance your pool area's organization and functionality in the video below:

We are certain that once you experience the versatility and practicality of the Power Box, you won't want to do without it for your pool management.

As always, our team is at your service for any questions or additional information. We are here to help you make your garden and pool area a unique and functional space.

Stay tuned for more innovative ideas and practical solutions for your outdoor space!

The Idea Mower Team.