New site section: Accessories. Discover Power Box and Plattaform!

Nuova sezione: Accessori. Scopri Power Box e Plattaform!
We are excited to announce that Idea Mower has expanded its product range with a brand new accessories section. We want to offer you everything you need to make the experience with your faithful gardening companion even better. Here are our latest arrivals: the Power Box, the Power Box Mini and the Plattaform!

Power Box and Power Box Mini: Protection and convenience for lawnmower robot power supplies

The Power Box and Power Box Mini are the perfect solution for solving the problem of where to place your robot mower's power supply. You no longer need to worry about awkward digging or impractical positioning! These openable containers, manufactured with care and attention to detail, provide protection and organisation for power supplies and other essential accessories.

In addition to solving the problem of positioning, Power Boxes offer numerous other advantages. Thanks to their integrated cable management system, you no longer have to struggle with tangled wires or desperately try to keep everything tidy. Your cables will be organised and always ready for use, simplifying maintenance and recharging of your robot mower.

Our Power Boxes are made with our usual care, with the design and craftsmanship of Made in Italy. The aluminium composite body offers lightness, strength and durability. While the stainless steel wall bracket and support pole guarantee stability and solidity. You are assured of a high-quality product that blends perfectly with your outdoor environment.

Plattaform: Keep your lawnmower robot's charging station clean

The Plattaform is our innovative solution for keeping the charging station of your robot mower clean. Made of high-quality PVC foam, this base is designed to be placed under the charging station, creating a protective barrier against mud and tall grass.

Besides keeping the environment around your robot clean, Plattaform improves the tidiness and cleanliness of your garden. You can enjoy a well-maintained lawn without having to worry about mud or grass that is difficult for the robot to cut.

Choose Italian quality with Idea Mower

As always, our products are synonymous with excellence made in Italy. With over 10 years of experience in the industry and our reputation as a market leader, we are committed to providing you with innovative, functional and high quality products.

Explore our new accessories section on our website and discover how the Power Box, Power Box Mini and Plattaform can enhance your lawnmower experience. We are confident that you will find the ideal accessories to simplify your gardening routine and keep your lawn looking impeccable.

Thank you for choosing Idea Mower, your trusted companion for smart gardening!

The Idea Mower team