New: Garage One 3.1 for Ambrogio 4.36, Wiper KXL and Tech Line LX6

Novità: Garage One 3.1 per Ambrogio 4.36, Wiper KXL e Tech Line LX6
Our long-awaited One 3.1 robot mower garage is finally available! We have worked hard to offer you a high-quality product that fits the most powerful and advanced robots manufactured by Ambrogio, Wiper and Tech Line.

Made from premium materials, One 3.1 is distinguished by its aluminium composite body, which guarantees a perfect combination of lightness and durability. Stainless steel hardware and ground brackets guarantee stability and solidity, ensuring that your lawnmower robot is safe in all weather conditions.

The elegant arched design of the One 3.1 not only adds a touch of style to your garden, but also offers practicality. You will have easy access to the robot's controls thanks to its full tilting. In addition, the ability to fold up the garage makes it easy to clean and maintain the robot and charging station. There will no longer be any difficulty in keeping everything tidy and in perfect working order.

The One 3.1 joins our ONE family of garages, a favourite with our customers due to their quality and functionality. We are thrilled to be able to offer a dedicated solution to the most powerful and advanced robot lawnmowers on the market.

Don't miss the opportunity to protect your robot mower with style and reliability! Purchase the One 3.1 garage and discover how Idea Mower can make your garden even more efficient and enjoyable.

For more information or to purchase the garage, follow this link.