The Future of Lawn Mowing: Idea Mower's New Garage for the Blade Lawn Mower Robot from EcoFlow

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The world of gardening is rapidly evolving, and the latest interaction for Idea Mower is for EcoFlow to take lawn mowing into the future. We present the new Blade robot mower garage from EcoFlow, a product that combines design, functionality and innovation.

Blade from EcoFlow: Innovation and Technology

Blade is not just a robot lawnmower. It is a true robotic lawnmower, designed to give you a perfect lawn without any effort. With features such as:

  • Customisable Cut: From a light pruning to a full cut, with the option to connect a sweeper kit to remove waste.
  • Virtual Boundaries: Goodbye physical barriers! Set boundaries directly from the EcoFlow app.
  • Intelligent Obstacle Prevention: Thanks to EcoFlow's X-Vision technology, the Blade recognises and avoids obstacles of all sizes.
  • Omnidirectional Front Wheels: The Blade traverses the roughest terrain without difficulty, overcoming rocks up to 40 mm and ascending slopes of 27°.

Cyber Garage by Idea Mower: The Only Home for Blade

Until now, there was no dedicated garage for this innovative robot, but Idea Mower has filled this gap with the development of the only garage for Blade. Features include:

  • Compatible Design: The angular, soft lines of the Cyber garage reflect Blade's futuristic design.
  • Visually Compatible Colours: A perfect juxtaposition of shades unites garage and robot in a harmonious aesthetic.
  • Functionality Tested: Installers and users in Italy have tested the product, obtaining excellent results in terms of compatibility and functionality.
  • Robust Fixing: The robust material and large window on the garage roof to display the keypad contribute to making it a modern and reliable product.

A Perfect Marriage of Functionality and Aesthetics

Idea Mower's new garage for the Blade robot lawnmower from EcoFlow represents a significant step forward in the world of robotic gardening. Combining the Blade's technological innovation with Idea Mower's expertise in creating customised garages, this collaboration offers a unique and complete solution.

If you own a Blade and are looking for a garage to match your futuristic robot lawnmower, Idea Mower's Cyber garage is the answer. A product that is not just a shelter, but a tailor-made home for your robot, designed to bring out its full potential.

The Idea Mower Team.