The independent garage attachment for robot lawnmowers

Il fissaggio a terra indipendente dei garage per robot tagliaerba

Idea Mower champions an innovative approach with its Lawn Mower Robot Garage, designed to stand apart from the charging station. This unique setup allows the garage to be anchored directly to the ground, ensuring it remains independent of the mower's base and charging unit, accommodating any brand or model of lawn mower robot.

Advantages in Harsh Weather Conditions

In the face of strong winds, the design ensures that stress on the Lawn Mower Robot Garage does not affect the mower or its charging station. This independence is vital during heavy rain or hail, offering robust protection to both the robot and its charging infrastructure.

Shielding from Unforeseen Incidents

A standout feature of the Idea Mower system is the detachment from the charging station, crucial for preventing damage from sudden impacts, whether from recreational activities or sports. This design ensures the Lawn Mower Robot Garage absorbs no damage intended for the mower or its charging station.

Overcoming Limitations of Conventional Systems

Idea Mower critiques the less effective measures adopted by some robot lawn mower manufacturers, which rely on lightweight, plastic covers attached to charging stations. Such solutions fall short, potentially harming both the protective structure and the charging unit upon accidental collisions.

The Idea Mower Construction Philosophy

Idea Mower's philosophy focuses on creating a robust Lawn Mower Robot Garage using thick, durable materials, independent of the charging station. The use of long plastic nails or screws, ranging from 20 to 30 cm, ensures both stability and security.

Garage Dimensions and Design

Spaciously designed, the Idea Mower Lawn Mower Robot Garage provides ample room around both the mower and its charging station, safeguarding against any harmful impacts.

Idea Mower's Pledge

In sum, Idea Mower is dedicated to delivering the utmost protection for lawn mower robots under any conditions. Their garages are not mere imitations but are the culmination of extensive planning, design, and testing, highlighting their commitment to innovation and quality in lawn mower robot garage solutions.