Neo Targa Fast Back Husqvarna CEORA + Service Box

Neo Targa Fast Back Husqvarna CEORA + Service Box

From the Neo Targa Fasback line of garages, this is the brand new version specific for Husqvarna Ceora, the new king of lawn mowing robots for large spaces, like stadiums, parks and golf clubs.

Built out of composite aluminium panels over a sturdy stainless steel frame, the garage is available in Orange and Athracite, perfect match for the robot's look, or you can choose your custom colours.

Shipped assembled with its gound fixing hardware, size 150x180x70cm weight 35Kg.

Neo Service Box

The perfect match for the new Fastback: Neo Service Box locker following the same design language, ideal to plug the CEORA powerbox and the EPOS reference station to.

There is also a lot of free space to store spare parts, a small air compressor for robot cleaning, or anything you might need.


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