Cover A/C

Cover Clima Blade

Protegge e valorizza l'unità esterna dell'aria condizionata

Cover Clima Blade
Cover Clima Blade
Cover Clima Blade
Cover Clima Blade
Cover Clima Blade
Cover Clima Blade

Cover Clima Blade

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Blade is the air conditioner heat pump cover with a rigorous and elegant architectural shape, suitable for any installation. 

The cover protects the ac external unit from rain and hail, reduces noise and enhances the facade.

The Idea Mower Clima Cover is available in different sizes, and its wall distance can be increased up to 6cm thanks to the adjustable brackets.
The cover is easy to assemble and supplied with wall fixing hardware (please note that wooden wall, external wall insulation or ventilated facade might require specific hardware).

The cover is made of aluminium composite, stiffer and more insulating than simple sheet metal, and produces less noise under wind and rain.

Available in three basic colours, special colours on request. The cover can be painted to match the colour of the wall or window frames (we suggest the white cover for this purpose).

S: 90x70x46cm
M: 100x85x54cm
L: 105x95x59cm

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Staffe regolabili

La distanza della copertura dal muro può essere variata da zero a 60mm.

Semplice assemblaggio

Facile da montare, ferramenta per l'assemblaggio ed il fissagio alla parete inclusa.

Alluminio composito

Forte e leggero

Due robusti strati di alluminio verniciato racchiudono un cuore sintetico che isola ed assorbe gli urti