Couverture A/C

Cover Clima Curve

Protège et valorise l'unité de climatisation extérieure

Cover Clima Curve
Cover Clima Curve
Cover Clima Curve
Cover Clima Curve
Cover Clima Curve
Cover Clima Curve

Cover Clima Curve

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Curve is the air conditioner heat pump cover with soft and enveloping shapes, suitable for any installation. The cover protects the ac external unit from rain and hail, reduces noise and enhances the facade.

The Idea Mower Clima Cover is available in different sizes, and its wall distance can be increased up to 6cm thanks to the adjustable brackets.
The cover is easy to assemble and supplied with wall fixing hardware (please note that wooden wall, external wall insulation or ventilated facade might require specific hardware).

The cover is made of aluminium composite, stiffer and more insulating than simple sheet metal, and produces less noise under wind and rain.

Available in three basic colours, special colours on request. The cover can be painted to match the colour of the wall or window frames (we suggest the white cover for this purpose).

S : 90 x 70 x 46 cm
M : 100x85x54cm
L : 105x95x59cm

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Cover Clima System

The various Cover Clima models and their accessories can be configured in many ways to cover every need. Below are the main use cases, in case of doubt or for different situations contact us, We are at your service.

Internal dimensions

Choisissez la taille du Clima Cover en fonction de la taille de la pompe à chaleur. Faites attention à la distance du mur et à l'encombrement des tuyaux et des étagères.

Taille S :
largeur (W) 82cm, hauteur (H) 66cm, profondeur (D) réglable de 42 à 48cm.

Taille M:
largeur (W) 92cm, hauteur (H) 81cm, profondeur (D) réglable de 50 à 56cm.

Taille S :
largeur (W) 97cm, hauteur (H) 91cm, profondeur (D) réglable de 55 à 61cm.


Installazione standard della Cover Clima, selezionare il modello, colore e dimensioni che preferite.

Wall-mounted, floor level

Se la pompa di calore è vicina al suolo, abbinare una coppia di piedini regolabili alla Cover Clima prescelta.


Quando non è possibile il fissaggio alla parete, utilizzare due coppie di piedini per appoggiare la Cover Clima al pavimento.


Se la pompa di calore è fissata al pavimento lontano dalla parete, ordinare la Cover Clima desiderata e un pannello posteriore della stessa misura (S, M o L) più due coppie di piedini regolabili.

Stacked wall-mounted

Si possono sovrapporre due o più Cover Clima dello stesso tipo e dimensione utilizzando il kit doppia altezza.

Stacked floor-level

Si possono sovrappore due o più Cover Clima della stessa dimensione utilizzando il kit doppia altezza e appoggiando la parte inferiore a terra, con l'uso di una o due coppie di piedini regolabili.

Adjustable brackets

La distance entre le couvercle et le mur peut varier de zéro à 60 mm.

Easy assembly

Easy installation, assembly hardware and wall fixing hardware included.

Aluminium composite

Solide et léger

Deux couches robustes d'aluminium peint renferment un noyau synthétique qui isole et absorbe les chocs

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